Who We Are

Outdoor Adventures is a family owned business that believes that you can build a strong family relationships through camping, being together outdoors. We never lose sight that we are here to serve our members. Each resort has something different to offer, giving our members a variety of activities along with a place to relax. Our staff is always glad to help you with reservations, directions, and information on local festivities that are happening close to where you are camping.

When becoming a member of Outdoor Adventures, you become part of our family and have the option to pass your membership onto your children. We have had the honor of watching our members’ children grow up and now their children. We welcome you to Outdoor Adventures and look forward to see you and your family as you enjoy camping and the outdoors.

Our Mission

We believe that the great outdoors is an excellent place for Michigan families to spend quality time together. We make it our goal to provide the very best surroundings, amenities and activities in a variety of locations to meet the ever changing demands of today’s families.

We look forward to serving your recreational and camping needs and making the quality time with your family even more enjoyable.

Enjoy Your Time With Us

We believe that you, your friends, and family will have a great time while camping with us. We offer many activities at all of our resorts and all of our resorts are close to communities that have a variety of things to do. If you are looking for something special just ask our knowledgeable staff, we are glad to help!


Customer Satisfaction Is Everything.

You, your friends, and family are our primary focus and obsession. We care a great deal about customer satisfaction, so much so that we’ve made it our number one priority as a company. Customer Feedback is an important part of building a successful business. For that reason, we’ve provided a forum where you can submit requests, complaints, suggestions, and feedback.

If you should ever have a complaint, please remember that we take customer requests and complaints seriously and will respond quickly to any needs that you should have during your stay with us. It’s our sincere desire that you will have a great time while camping with us in one of our RV Resorts and Campgrounds located in the great state of Michigan.

Camping in Michigan with Outdoor Adventures

Michigan is our home, so we believe in building customer satisfaction by preserving the natural beauty of our Michigan while giving you direct access to the beautiful outdoors.

We offer many activities at all our resorts. Our resorts are close to communities that offer a variety of activities nearby. If you are looking for something special just ask our knowledgeable staff, we are glad to help!

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