Outdoor Adventures' Winners

At Outdoor Adventures, we like to make things fun! Our resorts aren’t the only way you can have fun with us, though. Throughout each year, we give away lots of cool prizes, the most exciting of which is a brand new truck or $20,000!  We also give away things like camping gear, golf carts, hunting gear, and smaller cash prizes! We’ve crowned a lot of giveaway winners and we’ve had a lot of fun doing it. We hold these giveaways to promote our resorts and to bring some extra excitement to those around us while we do. Check out the photos below of some of our past winners!

2019 $20,000 Winner! John and Kimberly McIntosh, Commerce Township

2018 $20,000 Winner!

2017 $20,000 Winner!














2016 $20,000 Winner!










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