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A Glimpse at Holiday Fun

Memorial Weekend is the unofficial kickoff of summer in Michigan. It’s the first long weekend where the weather is (usually!) good and people are comfortable spending a few days outside, especially CAMPING! Memorial Weekend kicks off “peak season” at Outdoor Adventures, and there is always a lot for people to do and enjoy on the holiday weekend. Check out some of the fun from this past weekend at various Outdoor Adventures resorts!


Tie Dye!

Chalk Art:

Dances (with DJs):


Water Fun:

Bike Parades:


Honoring Our Military (with the help of local Scouts):

A Visit from Bandit in Grand Haven:

bandit.Time with Friends, New and Old:

All while beauty was all around us:


We hope to see you, your family, and your friends the rest of the summer!

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A Glimpse At Holiday Fun
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