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We Care.

Outdoor Adventures cares about people: our communities, families, and employees. 

We want to support family stability by providing greater access to basic needs so families can thrive emotionally and focus on more quality time together. We also believe having access to special outdoor experiences enhances family connections and that everyone should have access regardless of ability, income, etc. 

Every effort will be made to identify opportunities with the greatest perceived impact of families in our communities. Please read the requirements and criteria for support below before submitting a request for a sponsorship, charitable contribution or community service request. We appreciate your time to help us address requests in a fair, equitable, and timely manner.

To see how our team is making an impact in our communities, check out our annual community impact reports below.


To celebrate National Camping Month in June, we’re bringing the love to our partner nonprofit organizations and talking about how “We Camp with Care!”
Check out all the different opportunities we have for you to show how much you care too!

Sponsorships, Charitable Contributions and Community Service Requests

Criteria for Financial Support

Requests for sponsorships or charitable contributions must have a direct and measurable impact on the criteria below which support Outdoor Adventures’ focus on strengthening firm family foundations and access to camping for all. 

  1. Supporting more access to basic family needs to minimize stress caused by adversity and enable parents to focus more on quality time with their family. Basic family needs we support include, but are evaluated based on individual community needs:
    • Food Scarcity
    • Financial Stability
    • Clothing
    • Shelter/Housing
  2. Providing access to a special camping vacation for all, regardless of ability, income, etc.

Requests will be evaluated based on their adherence to the following:

  • Must be an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization
  • Must provide services to families in the state of Michigan
  • Improves access to services for poor, underserved, and/or at-risk populations
  • Supplies services that would be discontinued if the decision was made purely on a financial basis
  • Services are accessible to the entire community regardless of their ability to pay
  • Must provide a follow up within 90 days of project completion that outlines the degree to which awarded funds impacted families. Report questions will be sent within the support approval notification email.

Limitations for Support

Outdoor Adventures will not provide a charitable donation for any of the following requests:

  • For organizations that service families solely outside of Michigan
  • To support administrative, operational costs of an organization/activity
  • Multi-year support requests
  • For adult or school sporting teams, events, clubs or extracurricular activities/fundraisers
  • Organizations that discriminate by race, religion, gender, age, ability, or are affiliated with a political campaign/candidate/partisan activity
  • An organization that has already received a charitable contribution during the current fiscal year
  • Any organization that failed to submit follow up reporting as required

How To Request Funds

Sponsorship or charitable contributions will only be reviewed and accepted via the online financial support request form

  • Requests will be reviewed the first Monday of each month
  • Organizations will be notified of their award status within two (2) weeks following the deadline.
  • Processing of contributions may take an additional two (2) to three (3) weeks after the approval notification has been sent.
  • Requests made between application deadlines will be held until the next review deadline
  • Organizations will be required to provide both a W-9 and a receipt of donations received

Criteria For Community Service

If you have an upcoming event or need ongoing volunteers for your nonprofit organization, please fill out the form below detailing your volunteer requirements. 

Requests for community service support will be reviewed on a weekly basis, and if approved, the information will be made available to our employees. Interested employees will reach out directly to your organization to communicate their interest and schedule their volunteer time.


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