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Wine & Dine Your Valentine While Camping

Valentine’s Day has been around for hundreds of years! It may feel like you’ve done every Valentine’s Day date idea there is if you’ve been with your partner for a long time. Or, if it’s a new relationship, you may be wanting to wow your partner with a creative V-day idea to show just how much you care. If your favorite activity as a couple is camping, then there really is no better way to spend the romantic holiday!

We know, to some, camping maybe doesn’t sound the most romantic. But that’s not true! Escaping day-to-day life and getting outdoors with the one you love gives you ample time to focus on each other and really cherish your relationship. We’ve come up with some great Valentine’s Day ideas that you can do all while camping below!

Snuggle up by a fire

Grabbing some blankets and cuddling up with your sweetheart next to a warm toasty fire is so romantic! While you’re spending that quality time together, you can also take some time to feel closer in your relationship by reading and answering Psychology Today’s 36 questions to bring you closer together.


Find a romantic campsite

If you’re truly wanting to create a relaxing escape with your partner, be sure you’re picking the best site to make that happen. We recommend something tucked away from others, surrounded by trees so you can truly enjoy the serenity of nature together!

Tent site on the water

Watch a sunrise or sunset together

The night before or morning of, be sure to find the perfect spot to watch the beautiful sunset/sunrise together. Think over a body of water, or maybe a hill. Heck, even driving to your perfect spot and watching from your vehicle will work! You can even bring a bottle of wine for a sunset, or coffee/mimosas for a sunrise.

Sunset on beach

Unplug from your devices and have a conversation

The spirit of Valentine’s Day is taking that one day and dedicating it to your loved one and relationship! It’s so easy to let day-to-day life take away from your quality time together, so it’s important to dedicate this time to each other. And the best way to do that is to fully unplug from your devices and enjoy your partner’s company, even if it’s just for a meal or walk together. You’ll be grateful for that uninterrupted time with the one you love!

Find some romantic camper décor

Nothing gets you more into the holiday spirit than decorating for it! Visit a craft store, or even your local Target to find all things Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget some flowers. Or, if you’re feeling even more festive, craft some of your very own items for your special someone. Here are some craft ideas from Country Living!

Set up an outdoor movie

If you’re in a secluded enough area or site, you can set up a projector and enjoy a romantic movie outdoors! You can purchase an affordable projector online, hang up a plain white sheet on the side of your camper, and walla – your very own outdoor movie!

Outdoor movie projector

Image Credit – Yay Cork

Find a special gift

If you’ve taken the 5 Love Languages quiz, and know one of your partner’s love languages is receiving gifts, then you’ll want to be sure to get them a great Valentine’s Day gift! Keeping in the theme of camping, we’d recommend a loveseat folding chair for sitting together at the fire. Or a sleeping bag meant for two to keep you extra close at night.

Plan special meals together

Bring all the supplies to make a perfect romantic dinner for two, right at your campsite. Your partner is guaranteed to love a meal made by campfire.

Or, treat yourselves and find nearby fine dining. Below are some recommendations for fine dining near our Michigan resorts!


With all these ideas in mind, we hope you’re able to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day camping experience for the one you love! If you and your sweetheart spend your Valentine’s Day camping at Outdoor Adventures, be sure to snap a pic of you two lovebirds and tag us by using #campoai.

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